White Swan Hotel - Shamian Island Guangzhou

Shamian Island Guangzhou

White Swan Hotel - Shamian Island Guangzhou

Located on the historical Shamian Island, overlooking the famed Pearl River and facing the White Swan Pool, the White Swan Hotel remains an oasis of tranquility from the hustle and bustle of this busy city. The main building has the height of 34 storeys.The exquisitely beautiful Atrium lobby is an indoor microcosm of the famed landscapes of Southern China. Here waters abound, with a veil-like cascade and a spectacular rockery. Atop the rockery sits an elegant Chinese pavilion, octagon-shaped, with its richly ornate gold top, and a profusion of luxuriant vegetation and flowers.

White Swan Hotel - Shamian Island Guangzhou

White Swan Hotel - Shamian Island Guangzhou

White Swan Hotel - Shamian Island Guangzhou

White Swan Hotel - Shamian Island Guangzhou

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Guest Information
Guests: Jacqueline Schwertok & Teddy GoodBear
With Great Wall China Adoption - Group 210 (GWCA)

Hotel Information
White Swan Hotel
White Swan Hotel
Shamian Island Guangzhou

Phone Number: 86 20 81886968
Fax: 86 20 81861188
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Guangzhou maps, shopping, hotels & more copied from Jack Hilton for personal use!

Local Map and Jack Hilton's Web Pages on Shamian Island and more!

Local Map of Shamian Island by Doug Peter!

Dates/Number of Rooms
Check-In Date: MARCH 2, 2002
Check-Out Date: MARCH 7, 2002
Number of Rooms: 1

Question #1: What we do in Guangzhou to complete the adoption?
The American Consulate is located here. This is where we will have our baby's visa appointment on March 5th at 9AM via a GWCA representative. We will be here approximately 5 days.
Question #2: What else we do in Guangzhou to complete the adoption?
Our baby will have a very general medical exam done before the visa appointment, as required by the American Consulate. This appointment will review the medical information given to us about our baby by the orphanage when we got our referral on 12/24/01. They will also conduct a very quick exam on our baby. No blood will be taken!
Question #3: When do we pick up our baby's passport and visa?
Then we will pick up our baby's passport and visa the next day after the visa appointment at 3:00pm. We will depart Guangzhou for Hong Kong the day after we pick up the visa.
Question #4: What we do when we arrive back on US soil?
Upon arrival to U.S. soil, we will hand over our sealed visa packet (given to us from the baby's visa appointment in Guangzhou) to INS officers at the port of entry. We will receive our baby's alien registration number upon entering the U.S., and we should also receive a temporary Green card (sometimes they do not issue temporary Green cards - just refer to alien registration # on passport). We will receive a permanent Green card (Permanent Resident card) anywhere from 1-6 months after arrival.
3/7/02: Fly to Hong Kong on CZ319 at 8:50AM.

Consulate Procedures for baby's Visa
As Of October 15, 2001: What the American Consulate procedures are in Guangzhou to complete the adoption (as per American Consulate)?
"Adoption agency facilitators will come to the Consulate at the scheduled times to submit adopting parents and children's paperwork. Parents and children will not accompany the facilitators. The children's immigrant visas will be available, as usual, at 3:00 p.m. the day after the scheduled times when facilitators will submit each family's documents to our staff. Adoption facilitators will pick up the visas at that time. Parents will not accompany them. We will still need to see parents and adopted children and administer the oath to the parents. Beginning 15 October, we will meet each family and their adopted child in the main visa section waiting room on the ground floor of the Consulate in the early afternoon of the day the documents are submitted and the day before the visas are ready. We will confirm exact times with the facilitators when they drop off each family's documents. Please advise parents of this arrangement and tell them to bring their passports and their child's passport with them to the Consulate at that time. This arrangement will allow us to see parents and children without delaying visa hand back the following day as groups of parents enter and leave the Consulate. Parents will be allowed to bring their cameras and take pictures."

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