Itinerary & Diary: China To Adopt Marissa

Follow the below map from Shanghai to Beijing to Changsha to Guangzhou to Hong Kong:

Monday, February 11, 2002
6:55-11:00 AM: WN 299 Ft Lauderdale, FL to Los Angeles, CA #M5K2K5 -

7 AM takeoff
Emergency row 2 seater 11D/E.
Boeing 737
Jacqueline ate Animal Crackers
Teddy 2 Baileys & Coffee (used coupons)
Land in New Orleans 7:46 AM CT
Arrive at gate 7:52 Am
Moved back 1 row to 12D/E/F seats
8:34 AM takeoff
Pilot: "fly over Houston, El Paso & Phx"
At 9:42 AM PILOT - 61F degrees LAX
Land at LAX 10:08 AM
At gate in LAX 10:17 AM
11:00 AM: Thrifty (Pick Up) #AJ5095 -

Chrysler 300m upgrade
1:15 PM: Crowne Plaza (Check In) #69022903 -

Crowne Plaza Hotel
6121 East Telegraph Road
Phone Number: 1-323-7283600
Toll Free Number: 1-888-676-3000

Tuesday, February 12, 2002
3:00 PM: Crowne Plaza (Check Out)
9:00 PM: Thrifty (Return)

Wednesday, February 13, 2002
12:30 AM: OZ 203 Los Angeles, CA to Seoul (Depart Los Angeles, CA) #'s 4834222 & BVQMOQ -

Asiana Airlines: 203 - Seats 30F&G
Departs: Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
Wednesday, February 13, 2002 12:30AM Arrives: Seoul, Korea (ICN)

2/13 1st leg:
Arrive airport 9:15 PM
2 hours to checkin & go thru security
Takeoff 1:04 AM
Eat Korean food: Bi Bim Bab
Also eat: tuna and breakfast
Arrive Seoul 6:08 AM
To Gate Seoul 6:17 AM
550 mph speed
35,000' high altitude

Thursday, February 14, 2002
6:08 AM: OZ 203 Los Angeles, CA to Seoul (Arrive Seoul)

Comped in Asiana Lounge
10:00-11:10 AM: OZ 3335 Seoul to Shanghai -

Asiana Airlines: 3335 - Seats 34J&K
Departs: Seoul, Korea (ICN)
Thursday, February 14, 2002 10:00AM Arrives: Shanghai, China (SHA)
Thursday, February 14, 2002 11:10AM

2/14 2nd leg:
Takeoff 10:00 AM, Land 10:46 AM
(1 hour earlier then Seoul)
Arrive at gate 10:51 AM
Sealed mineral water
strawberry pie, roll
Hea San Mul Bab: (shrimp/beef/rice/veg),
Gul cake -(fruit -peach?)
sausage salad
polo mint
12:00 PM: Holiday Inn (Check In) #66552495 -

Complimentary Shuttle
Holiday Inn
585 Heng Feng Road
SHANGHAI, 200070
Phone Number: 86-21-63538008
Toll Free Number: 800-96-8868

Upon arrival:
Took taxi, since HI rep, Bernard, said it would be quicker and was only $8.

Jessica, front desk, checked us in & Jerome brought our bags to the room. The entire non-smoking room floor was undergoing renovation and had an aweful smell.

Jessica switched our room to a suite,which would be ready in 30 minutes after we inspected it 1st with Jerome. The room was fine. It has a living room and 2 bathrooms!

We waited by having complimentry drinks in the bar and using the internet service in the business center.

After checking in the room and taking pictures out the window, we took a walk over to a large dept. store and shopping centre across the street. The name: Kerry Everybright Shopping Centre; Jusco Supermarket. Now Pacific Shopping Centre for both.

About 5pm we came back to the room bypassing the restaurant since Jacqueline did not like the menu & could not see what they were serving since a pvt. wedding was going on. We ate snacks in the room.

We went to sleep after Teddy took a shower around 6pm.

Friday, February 15, 2002
6:00 AM: Room Service - Breakfast

Jackqueline - American Breakfast:

OJ, Oatmeal, Omelette (w/cheese, tomatos, mushrooms, ham), danish pastries, toast (w/butter, honey, & jam), hot chocolate and milk.

Teddy - Oriental Breakfast:
Chinese Rice congee with chicken and one basket of chinese meat dumplings.
1:00-3:00 PM: Jiangnancun - Lunch

Phone 6317 5059
1033 Chang 'an Lu

A 5 minute walk from our hotel on the corner of Chang 'an Lu and Tianmu Lu, serves up Hanzhou specialities such as xihu cuyu (sweet-and-sour West Lake fish), water shield shield soup, and hangzhou juanji (Hangzhou chicken), which is actually a meatless dish made with bamboo shoots. Most dishes cost Y20 to Y40. The restaurant has an english menu but it's of limited help; look at the pictures of the best dishes stuck up on the wall just inside the entrance.

We ate: vegatales, 3 plate fulls. Cary was our waiter who spoke english.

Saturday, February 16, 2002
7:15-8:15 AM: Room Service - Breakfast

2 American Breakfasts, about the same as yesterday.
8:30 AM: Holiday Inn (Check Out)
8:55 AM: Ritz-Carlton (Check In) -

Delight Travel - Wyman 1-800-328-6638
Shanghai Centre
1376 Nanjing Xi Lu
9:00 AM-4:25 PM: Shanghai City Tour -


Stopped at the waterfront, "The Bund".

At the north end of the old Chinese city, the Yuyuan Gardens & Bazzar are one of Shanghai's premiere sights and well worth the visit! Try not to visit on the weekend, though, as the crowds can be overpowering.

Though, it wasn't originally set up as a shopping district, the Bazzar has become exactly that! All souvenirs can be found here, along with some alledged antiques & some interesting shops specialising in things like fans, scissors and walking sticks. Others carve chops, paint calligraphy and cut onlookers' profiles from thin sheets of paper. Perls from Jiangsu's Tai Lake are sold everywhere and can be a good buy if you have a good eye.

Prices are generally tripled, even in the department stores, so if yo enjoy haggling you come home loaded with teapots, silks, pearls,chops, jade, blue cloth, and a few dubious curios.

The adjacent Old Street is lined with special tourist shops selling everything ranging from Jinshan folk paintings (Nos 306, 372, 411), old photographs of Shanghai (No 346), woodcuts (No 389), blue cloth (No 440), coins and old money (No 423), and buddhas (No 349). There are also various shops selling temple gods and other accessories that will come in handy when worshipping your ancestors.

YU YUAN GARDENS: Founded by the Pan family, rich Ming dynasty officials. The gardens took 18 years (1559 to 1577) to be nutured into existence, only to be ransacked during the Opium War in 1842, when British officers were barracked here for a few days, and again during the Taiping Rebellion, by the French in reprisal for attacks on their nearby concession.

Today the gardens have been restored and are worth visiting to see a fine example of Ming garden design - If you can see through the crowds. Though the gardens are small they seem bigger due to an ingenious use of rocks and alcoves.

Things to look out for include the Exquisite Jade Rock, which was destined for the imperial court in Beijing until the boat sank outside Shanghai, and the Hall of Heralding Spring (Dianchun Tang), which in 1853 was the headquaters of Small Swords Society (perhaps one reason why the gardens were spared revoluntionary violence in the 1960s). Note also the beautiful stage, with its gilded carved ceiling and excellent acoustics. The gardens are open daily from 8:30 am to 5 pm; entry is Y15.

Next to the entance to the Gardens is the Mid-Lake Pavillion Teahouse (Huxinting), once part of the gardens and now one of the most famous teahouses in China, visited by Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton among others. The zig-zag causeway is there to thwart spirits (and trap tourists), who can only travel in straight lines.

Surrounding all this is the restored bazzar area, where more than 100 speciality shops and restraunts jostle over narrow laneways and small squares in a mock 'ye olde Cathay' setting. It's a bit of a Disneyland version of historical China but if you can handle the crowds, it is a great stop for lunch and souvenir shopping.

Just outside the Bazaar is Olde Street (Lao Jie), known as Fang Bang Zhonglu, another recently restored street lined with interesting shops and tea houses.

If you can tear yourself away from the shopping frenzy, the Daost Temple of the Town Gods Chenghuang Miao), in the south-east of the complex, commemorates an ancient General Huo Guang and has some fine carvings on the roof. Entry is Y5.

Because of limited time we stayed at the Yuyuan Gardens for less then 10 minutes. We bought many silk items at one of the 1st few shops on the right after exiting the Gardens at the Bazzar and returned to the tour bus about an hour later, late by 15 minutes. They almost left without us <grin>!

We ate a tour group lunch and the food was excellent, but when I added this entry on 3/12/02 I fogot what we ate and where.

Drove around a beautiful new city, Pudong, in the tour bus.

Explored the museum for about an hour, then headed back to our hotel the Ritz where our tour began in the lobby after we checked in and had the bellman take the luggage to our room.

Sunday, February 17, 2002
9:00 AM: Ritz-Carlton (Check Out)

We met the general manager who is chinese american. They gave us gifts for Marissa and a limo to the airport! What GREAT service!
11:10 AM-1:10 PM: MU 5135 Shanghai to Beijing -

Wyman - 1-800-328-6638
Seats 9ABC - emergency row
Takeoff 11:19 AM
Land 1:14 PM
Arrive gate 1:24 PM
2:00 PM: Crowne Plaza (Check In) #64065806 -

Crowne Plaza Hotel
48 Wangfujing Avenue
BEIJING, 100006
Phone Number: 86-10-65133388


$12 taxi from airport to hotel
Upgraded room with computer on the executive floor to a suite.

Monday, February 18, 2002
8:00-8:45 AM: Breakfast Buffet
6:00-6:30 PM: Met David Cheng -

Has art gallery behind mall.
7:15-8:15 PM: Dinner - Chinese -

Peking Duck and vegetables.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002
7:30-8:15 AM: Breakfast Buffet
8:30 AM-5:30 PM: Great Wall Guided Tour to SiMaTei -

Robert was our guide along with 2 drivers. See video.

Visited the Cloisonne factory.

The Samatai section of the Grrat Wall is located in Gubeikou Town of Myun Country, 120 kilometers from downtown Beijing, about 2 1/2 hour ride from downtown.

It was built in the early period of the reign of Emperor Hong Wu of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is the most dangerous part of the Great Wall and is one of China's well preserved historical monuments. It has been listed as one of the world's cultural heritages by UNESCO.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002
9:15-9:45 AM: Breakfast Buffet
10:00-10:15 AM: Subway
10:15 AM-10:45 PM: Tiananmen Square -

Have a wander around. Admire all the plain clothes policemen. Avoid the fa la gongers!
10:45 AM-3:30 PM: Forbidden City - GuGong -

From Tiananmen Square, cross the street to Forbidden City (50rmb - $3-$4).
Get Roger Moore on the audio guide. The best postcards of Beijing are sold in the shops where you get the audio guides. Where you return the audio guides, they have some really nice dragon embossed writing paper, and cool umbrellas.

Got chops (stamps) with engraving done by hand. Below is what they put on the stamps. Actual stamps JPGs coming soon.

4:30-6:30 PM: Lunch/Dinner at a Hong Qiao area Restaurant -

6:30-7:05 PM: Hong Qiao Market, Pearl Market -

Cross the street from the Temple of Heaven and the Pearl Market is on the Top Floor! It closes at 7pm. We bought from #108.

Thursday, February 21, 2002
8:45-9:45 AM: Breakfast Buffet
9:45 AM: Contact GWCA at Yuyang -

National Guides:
Christin cell phone (0) 136-0100-7133
Room #: 2402 - Yuyang Hotel
Mark Ma (0) 139-0848-4624
Ginger's home 512-891-9935
Office 512-323-9595
Beijing Yuyang Hotel
Phone: (8610)64669988
Fax: (8610)64666638
E-mail: <>
Address: No.18, Xin Yuan Xi Li Zhong Jie, Chaoyang District, Beijing
(Dialing numbers from the States to China you dial 011-86 + number)
(Dialing numbers within China - if not local number you dial 0+number)
1:00-4:00 PM: Summer Palace
5:00-6:00 PM: Near Lama/Cofucious Temple lunch -

Taxi south.
7:30-9:30 PM: Wangfujing Shopping
10:30-11:00 PM: Starbucks

Friday, February 22, 2002
8:35-9:40 AM: Breakfast Buffet
10:00 AM-10:30 PM: Meeting GM Hotel -

C.X. Liang
12:30-2:00 PM: Wanfujing Shopping
2:00-4:00 PM: Silk Market -

Taxi to Silk Market (Xui Shui Jie). Near US embassy.
4:00-6:00 PM: GWCA Meeting at Yuyang Hotel -

CHA - US dollars
150 reg
100 cival affairs
500 notary
100 passport
3000 donation orphange
2 copies travel + others
35rmb visa pics
400rmb exam
325us visa interview
Orphange Gifts
1 male,2 females
Official Gifts & notary
1 male 1 female each
6:00-8:00 PM: Original Peking Duck Restaurant -

Original Peking Duck Restaurant

Saturday, February 23, 2002
6:45-7:15 AM: Breakfast Buffet
7:00 AM-2:00 PM: Great Wall tour begins -

Great Wall at Ju Yong Pass
Pearl Factory
Restaurant/Cloisonne/Friendship Store
7:30-8:30 PM: Dinner Buffet
9:30 PM: Gave Luggage to GWCA -

6 pieces of luggage to Lucy.

Sunday, February 24, 2002
6:30-7:00 AM: Breakfast Buffet
7:00 AM: Crowne Plaza (Check Out)
7:30-8:00 AM: Taxi to Yuyang Hotel
9:30-11:45 AM: CA 1343 Beijing to Changsha
12:00 PM: Grand Sun City (Check In) -

Grand Sun City Hotel
Phone: (86731)5218888
Fax: (86731)5218288
E-mail: <>
Address: No.298, South Furong Road, Changsha, Hunan.
Room # 1806 - Suite
2:00-2:30 PM: Adoption Reg. 18th floor lobby -

Filled out reg form with adding Jacqueline's picture.
3:00 PM: Meet Marissa :) ! -

Yue Ya Jun
Yueyang, Hunan Province
7:00-7:30 PM: Orpanage Gifts in Room -

All came to our room
Gifts -
Orpanage Director: NYC postcard, chocolate, Marissa photo, 1 casino chip and 200rmb in red valintine envelope.
Nannies: 2 bags each of cosmetics and 1 each Marissa photo in valintine envelopes. (Photos 2/24-25/02)!

Monday, February 25, 2002
9:30-10:30 AM: Breakfast Buffet
2:00-6:00 PM: Family Pics & Adoption Registration at Civil Affairs Bldg. -

Civil Affairs and Orphanage Payments:
1) $3000 to orphanage director paid in the waiting room.
2) $500 notary.
3) $300 and 250 rmb cival affairs.
6:00-6:45 PM: Metro Supermarket
8:30-9:30 PM: Dinner Buffet (Photos 2/24-25/02)!

Tuesday, February 26, 2002
8:45-10:15 AM: Breakfast Buffet -

Teddy left at 9:05am and came back 9:45am.
9:00-10:00 AM: 17th Floor Paperwork Meeting
10:30 AM-11:15 AM: Shopping
11:17 AM-11:30 PM: Meeting w/guides -

Rooms 1720 and 1721 for paperwork check.
3:00-3:45 PM: Lunch Buffet (Photos 2/26-28/02)!

Wednesday, February 27, 2002
8:45-9:15 AM: Breakfast Buffet
9:30 AM-3:00 PM: Sightseeing Tour -

2100 year old mummy and shopping.
Marissa has rash. Gave Benadryl. (Photos 2/26-28/02)!

Thursday, February 28, 2002
Maid in Changsha:

Hotel Maid in Changsha

9:00-9:30 AM: Breakfast Buffet
9:30-1:30 AM: Sightseeing Tour -

Embroadery Factory:
While waiting by the entrance, after going to the rest room and for our group to come downstairs, a artist from the factory took me into his office. Many employee's gathered around and the artist sketched me on my pocket pc! I tried to give him money but he declined. Below is the sketch signed with the city "Changsha". Afterwards is the artist's name written in chinese!
Teddy Sketch Artist - Zhu Yan

Listened to Live Chinese music in a theatre at the university after walking around the beautiful campus. Our adoption agency guides provided excellent english speaking history commentation of the University.
3:00-4:00 PM: Lunch - Al La Carte in Buffet
9:45 PM: Room Service Dinner -

Fried U-Don and big Tsingtao beer: Teddy
Seasoned greens w/2 kinds of mushrooms: Jacqueline (Photos 2/26-28/02)!

Friday, March 01, 2002
7:30-8:30 AM: Breakfast Buffet
9:00 AM-1:30 PM: Business Centre/Shopping -

Shopping at "A Best".
1:30-2:00 PM: Lunch Buffet
2:00-3:55 PM: 18th Floor Paperwprk Meeting
3:30 PM: Received Baby Passport -

Mark brought Marissa's Chinese passport and reg. certifcate to the meeting.
6:30-7:30 PM: Dinner Buffet (Photos 3/1/02)!

Saturday, March 02, 2002
4:45-6:45 AM: Teddy Started Packing
7:00-7:30 AM: Breakfast Buffet -

Teddy only.
7:30-8:00 AM: Business Center -

Used the computer.
10:15 AM-10:45 PM: Breakfast Buffet -

Jacqueline ate, Teddy coffee.
11:00 AM-1:30 PM: Supermarket Shopping
3:00 PM: Luggage Checkout -

Place checked luggage outside hotel room door for pickup and placement in cargo of plane.
3:15-3:45 PM: Lunch Buffet
4:00 PM: Grand Sun City (Check Out)
6:20-7:20 PM: CZ 3387 Changsha to Guangzhou -

8:00 PM: White Swan (Check In) -

White Swan Hotel
Phone: (8620)81886968
Fax: (8620)81861188
Email: <>
Address; No.1, Shamian South Street, Guangzhou (Photos 3/2/02)!

Sunday, March 03, 2002
9:25-10:00 AM: Breakfast Buffet
10:00 AM-12:00 PM: Laundry, Shopping And Visa Picture -

Konica Kodac place for Marissa's visa picture, 35rmb
At China Doll (owner Ann). She gave us a free stroller to use.

China Doll

12:00 PM: Antibiotic started on Marissa -

Cefzil - Marissa has upper respatory congestion. Will give 2 doses per day until 3/9/02.
2:00 PM: INS Forms checked by guides -

Bring paperwork to room 525 (Mark and Christine).
5:00 PM: Marissa Fever -

102.3 at 5pm. Gave baby Tylenol. Temperature reached 103.1 before going back down 1/2 hour later.
103.7 at 9pm. More Tylenol temperature went down again within 1/2 hour.
98.2 at 4:30am. (Photos 3/3-5/02)!

Monday, March 04, 2002
9:45-10:10 AM: Breakfast Buffet
10:15 AM-1:15 PM: Marissa's Medical Exam/Shopping -

400rmb fees
Michael's for shopping and walked around.
2:00-6:00 PM: Sightseeing Tour -

6 Banyan Tree Temple.
Ceramic Factory.
5:00 PM: Pick Up Laundry at China Doll
6:20-7:20 PM: Dinner Buffet (Photos 3/3-5/02)!

Tuesday, March 05, 2002
8:15-8:55 AM: Breakfast Buffet -

Teddy ate!
9:00 AM: INS Visa Appointment -

Wait in room for guides to finish at US Consulate, around 11am. Teddy waited in room while Jacqueline and Baby ate!
$325 cash in envelope and Jacqueline and Marissa's name on outside of envelope.
9:30-11:00 AM: Breakfast Buffet -

Jacqueline and baby ate!
11:40 AM: Room 525 Meeting
12:30 PM: China Doll
12:45 PM: *Department Store then CD Store-

Department Store

We need stroller, suitcase, baby wipes and diapers.
3:45-4:30 PM: *US Consulate -

Meet 1st floor elevator. Bring all passports.
Finish Interview in person at US Consulate. Marissa becomes US citizen! Jacqueline and Teddy take oath!
5:00 PM: Group Picture -

Lobby floor - 2nd floor by cashier
6:20-8:00 PM: Chinese Restaurant -

3rd floor White Swan.
11:00 PM: Tommy Meeting -

Ask assistant mgr about another Barbie for the Lee family. (Photos 3/3-5/02)!

Wednesday, March 06, 2002
8:30-10:45 AM: Breakfast Buffet
11:15-1:30 AM: Shopping/Baby Store

Baby Store

2:00 PM: *Baby's Visa and submit passport -

Submit baby's passport to room 525.
3:00-4:00 PM: Wait in Room -

Guides to get baby's visa stamped in baby's passport.
Mark called 3:15pm to say they got Marissa's visa and to stop by room 525 to pick it up at 3:30pm!
3:30 PM: Pick up Baby's Visa Room 525
4:00 PM: Get Boarding Passes
4:30-5:00 PM: Michael's -

Pick up purchases.
5:00 PM: Pick Up Laundry at China Doll
5:10 PM: Jennifer's Place
5:15-5:45 PM: Room Service
6:00-9:00 PM: Pack Luggage
9:00 PM: Luggage Outside Room & Call 525
10:00 PM: Sherry's Place -
Sherry's Place

Last minute shopping. Sherry opened just for us!

Thursday, March 07, 2002
5:45-6:45 AM: Breakfast Buffet
7:00 AM: White Swan (Check Out) -

Meet 7am 1st floor.
8:50-9:40 AM: CZ 319 Guangzhou to Hong Kong -

9:20am take off. 9:53 landing. We sat in row 14CD. Arrived at gate 9:56am.
11:30 AM-11:50 PM: Express Train
11:50 AM-12:00 PM: Shuttle Bus
12:00 PM: Holiday Inn (Check In) -

Holiday Inn
50 Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui
Phone Number: 852-2369-3111
Toll Free Number: 800968868

Area Airport Information
Chek Lap Kok International Airport (HKG)
Distance: 36 KM SE
Taxi Fee: 280 (HKD)
1:15-2:15 PM: Lunch Buffet
6:00-7:00 PM: Business Center - Executive Club
7:00-9:00 PM: Window Shopping
9:00-10:15 PM: Dinner - Cafe Vienna

Friday, March 08, 2002
7:45-9:00 AM: Breakfast Buffet
9:00-10:00 AM: Business Center
10:30-10:50 AM: Star Ferry -

Star Ferry

Ferry to Hong Kong Island.
11:00 AM-4:30 PM: Taxi to Pacific Place/HK Park -
Pacific Place

Jacqueline bought makeup and got her nails done at Seibu in the Pacific Place Mall.
Ate lunch in the mall at Bistro Cafe (la CITE).
Walked around Hong Kong Park. Hong Kong Park is magnificent! The highlight of the day was waking up Marissa to see the turtles swimming in the beautiful pond!
4:30-5:00 PM: Subway (MTR) back to Kowloon -

Mongkok Station.
5:30-7:30 PM: Shopping South on Nathan Road -

Go to Mongkok Road then walk south & take taxi back to the hotel..
10:00-10:45 PM: Dinner Buffet

Saturday, March 09, 2002
6:30-7:15 AM: Breakfast Buffet
7:15 AM: Holiday Inn (Check Out)
7:40-7:50 AM: Shuttle Bus
8:00-8:20 AM: Express Train -

Checked luggage at train station all the way to LAX. Still had to pay for extra luggage at the airport however.
9:30 AM-2:00 PM: OZ 304 Hong Kong to Seoul -

H19 airline counter checkin to pay for extra luggage. Gate 19 for flight.
Takeoff 9:41am.
$302.60 charge for 10 checked baggages. We were charged for 3 at approximately $100 each, but they were suppose to charge for 5. Checked stroller at end of ramp. They will give back to us upon arrival.
Row 26CDE with bassanet.
Chicken with rice.
Landing 1:23, 8 more to gate.
2:15-3:15 PM: Seoul Airport Shopping for Jewelry
4:30 PM-10:10 AM: OZ 202 Seoul to Los Angeles, CA -

Row 52CD but used bassenet 52DE.
Takeoff 4:55pm Seoul.
Same Korean food as flight over.
Landed 9:55am.
10:30 AM: Thrifty (Pick Up) -
$20 more upgraded to 4x4 Mitsubishi SUV.
12:00 PM: Crowne Plaza (Check In) #69036848 -

Room 605.
1:00 PM: Room Service -
2 burgers. Teddy ate at 6:30pm. Jacqueline ate right away.

Sunday, March 10, 2002
8:30-9:15 AM: Breakfast Hotel -

We ate in the buffet, but al la carte.
9:15 AM: Crowne Plaza (Check Out)
10:00 AM: Thrifty (Return)
11:40 AM-8:35 PM: WN 1814 Los Angeles, CA to Ft Lauderdale, FL -

Bribed the skycap Dave with $15 so we did not wait online. Jacqueline waited at airport with carry ons while Teddy got gasoline for the car and returned it.
Takeoff 11:56am. Row 13DE.
Landing at 5:02pm. 6 minutes to gate.
Changed seats closer to front.
New Orleans takeoff 6:02pm.
Landing 8:30pm. 6 minutes to the gate.

Teddy and Jacqueline :^) Go To Marissa Mei-Lu's Domain Name Site! (Early Growth of Yue, Ya Jun)! (Old Itinerary)! (New Itinerary & Diary)! (New Photos 2/24-25/02)! (New Photos 2/26-28/02)! (New Photos 3/1/02)! (New Photos 3/2/02)! (New Photos 3/3-5/02)! (New Photos 3/13-16/02)! (New Photos 3/17-18/02)!