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# Name / Commercial Website
Previous Adoptive Parents Comments / Pictures
A1 USA Consulate USA Consulate
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A2 The White Swan The White Swan 
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A3 Deli Shop / Ice Cream Deli Shop / Ice Cream
A4 White Swan Laundry White Swan Laundry
A5 Noodle Shop Coffee / Noodle Shop
B1 Rose Garden Restaurant Rose Garden Restaurant
B2 Lucy's Restaurant Lucy's Restaurant
B3 Shamian Park Shamian Park
C1 Tennis Courts Tennis Courts
C2 Tennis Shop Tennis Shop
C3 Lan Kwai Fong Thai Restaurant Lan Kwai Fong Thai Restaurant
C4 Jade Garden Cafe Jade Garden Cafe
C5 The Trees Garden Cafe The Trees Garden Cafe
C6 Cuizhou Park Cuizhou Park
C7 Michael's Place Michael's Place
C8 Historic Cannons Historic Cannons
C9 Tea Shop Tea Shop
D1 Christian Church Shamian Christian Church Shamian
D2 Guangzhou Customs General Office Guangzhou Customs General Office
D3 Happy Bike Rental Station Happy Bike Rental Station
D4 Jennifer's Place Jennifer's Place
D5 Sherry's Place Sherry's Place
D6 Benjamin's Place Benjamin's Place
D7 Antique Gallery Antique Gallery
D8 Sun Hong Artwork Sun Hong Artwork

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G1 Customs Hotel Customs Hotel
G2 Bank of China - ATM Bank of China
G3 Guyuan Art Studio Guyuan Art Studio
G4 Cuizhou Tun Hairdresser Cuizhou Tun Hairdresser
H1 Chinese Bakery Chinese Bakery
H2 Yin You Dept. Store Yin You Dept. Store
H3 A Gift From China A Gift From China
H4 R&Y Wine Shop R&Y Wine Shop
I1 Grocery Store Beatrice Grocery Store
I2 Victory Hotel (original) Victory Hotel 
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I3 Old Victory Restaurant Old Victory Restaurant
I4 Treasure Mart Treasure Mart
I5 Post Office Post Office
I6 Tea House Guoxiang Tea House Guoxiang
I7 Zhong Tian Laundry Zhong Tian Laundry
I8 Cow Bridge Restaurant Cow Bridge Restaurant
I9 Art Gallery Art Gallery
I10 Guangzhou Fine Art Gallery Guangzhou Fine Art Gallery
J1 Chinese Pharmacy Chinese Pharmacy
J2 NEW Victory Hotel (annex)

aka Shengi Hotel

Victory Hotel
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J3 New Victory Hotel Restaurant New Victory Hotel Restaurant
K1 Physical Examination & Health / Quarantine Bureau Physical Examination & Health / Quarantine Bureau
K2 Shamian Catholic Church Shamian Catholic Church
K3 Shamian Police Station Shamian Police Station
K4 Genesis Cafe Genesis Cafe
K5 80 Day's Bar 80 Day's Bar
K6 Yaooli (clothing) Yaooli (clothing)
20 Huangsha Bus & Subway  Huangsha Bus & Subway
21 Qingping Free Market Qingping Free Market
22 McDonalds McDonalds
23 The Cultural Park The Cultural Park
24 Shaji Massacre Monument Shaji Massacre Monument
25 Blue Dolphin River Cruise Blue Dolphin River Cruise
26 Pearl River Cruise Pearl River Cruise
Danny's Bagel & Pizza Danny's Bagel & Pizza

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