Growth of Yue Yajun
Yue Yajun, female, was born on March 15, 2001, and was abandoned at the gate of The Second Middle School of Yueyang on March 18, 2001. No one could find her birth parents, then the baby was sent to our orphanage by the Dongting Road Police station at the same day. After her entering our orphanage, she received an examination, her heart, lung, spine and limbs were all normal.

Our director Cheng of Children Department gave her name Yue Yajun, Yue meant that she was born in Yueyang, Yajun meant that we wished her to be a strong-willed, aggressive and beneficial person to the society. When she just entered our orphanage, she cried a lot and didn't adjust to living in a group of children.
She had small appetite and always ate slowly. When she was 3-4 months old, she began to adjust to her life in the orphanage. She is fed with the mixture of rice flour (25%) and formula (75%) (240ml) respectively at 6:30am, 12:30am and 6:30pm. She is also fed with cooked wheaten food, bone soup and mashed vegetable (35g) at 9:30am, steamed egg, tomato soup and fruit juice (35g) at 3:30pm, and milk (150ml) at 12:00pm.

Now she has oval face. She is robust and active. She can stand being supported in the armpits, can sit, crawl and roll over. She especially likes being held by the caregiver. When she hears others call her name "Yajun", she will smile. If she is put in the shaking table when she is playing happily in the caregiver's arms, she will be upset and cry. She doesn't like to play with other children. She likes staying alone. She can seize toys, especially loves the toys with sounds.

She is a pretty and healthy baby. Although she is a little introverted, her physical and intelligent developments are both normal. Now she is 24.8 inches in height, her weight is 13.2 pounds, her head size is 16.9 inches, her chest size is 15.7 inches and her foot size is 3.8 inches. She has one tooth below. We wish her to have a happy family.

Yueyang Orphanage Home
September 20, 2001

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