If you have adopted a child from the city of Yueyang, Hunan Province, Peoples' Republic of China - or if you are in the process of adopting from there - this is the website for you!

It is our hope that we can remain in contact with a number of Yueyang families for the sake of our children. We also welcome families of children from nearby towns Miluo and Xiangyin.

Yueyang is a city in Hunan Province located about a 3 to 5 hour bus ride from the province capital of Changsha. Peggy and Lou (other adoptive parents from Yueyang) have the understanding (and this information might change as more information is available) that the Yueyang area has two orphanages, one for the city, and one for the county.

The Yueyang Social Welfare Orphanage is located within the city itself. When Peggy and Lou were in Yueyang, they were told by the assistant director that the babies at that time (March 1999) were given the surname "Lin" (for example, their daughter was named Lin Ju). Before and since, almost all of the babies have been given the names "Yue" or, more rarely, "Luo". The county orphanage, on the other hand, is located well outside the city. Thus far all the babies from the county orphanage, Peggy and Lou have determined, have been given the surname "Ba".

Peggy and Lou now have an email community list for parents of children adopted from Yueyang, Miluo and Xiangyin. We have banded together for support and to share information, as well as to help our children keep in touch with other children from their homeland. There is, of course, no cost or obligation to join the list.

According to Peggy and Lou, as of [9/30/01] the list has about 200 members from eight countries in our email community. Not surprisingly, most are from the United States. The members have at their disposal a list of links to many websites of interest to Yueyang families, archives of messages we have sent to the group, and a database containing a purely-voluntary directory of members. We also have websites chock full of photos of our children, of the orphanages, and of the city of Yueyang.

Please contact Peggy and Lou if you would be interested in joining our email group, or even if you would just like to keep in touch with others in our growing community!

If you would like to subscribe, just send a blank email address to:
[Mail the Yueyang Group - Click Now!] Yueyang-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
and Peggy and Lou will get the notice and can approve your membership.

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